My healing approach

As a Certified Family Therapist, Psychosynthesis/Transpersonal Life Coach and Practitioner in Clinical Meditation and Imagery, I use my skills to address lack of direction, purpose and motivation, struggles with self-image and identity, in both young adults and aging adults. I also work with families who experience intercultural struggles after relocation.

My approach is to combine Psychosynthesis, Meditation and Transpersonal Coaching in order to help my clients cultivate wisdom, purpose, connection and oneness. This interdisciplinary intersection brings to life the “Find the purpose of your Life Process™”

Contrary to traditional psychology, these 3 disciplines focus on developing the part of ourselves that is “healthy.” I help my clients awaken their potential and their transpersonal self (beyond personality). This part is inborn and relies on serenity.

Crisis is not the sign of disease, but rather a cry from the soul that must be acknowledged.

My work is based on the premise that every human being has the ability to live a full, meaningful life if he/she is aware of his/her strengths and capabilities.

I empower people to connect with their authentic selves, making conscious decisions about their life paths and purposes.

In the Find the purpose of your Life Process™ my clients will:

  • Gain clarity of their life purpose to make the right decisions and take the right actions.
  • Get in touch with their feelings
  • Activate their spiritual connection
  • Find meaning of their suffering
  • Regain happiness
  • Build resilience
  • Get in touch the “transpersonal self”

My purpose and my mission is to accompany my clients along every step of the journey of self-discovery, helping them create action plans and attainable goals.

The transpersonal Life Coaching is based on the belief that striving to find meaning of personal existence is a primary motivational need. It is the “Will to meaning,” by guiding the person towards aligning the mind-body-spirit and listening to the “Call of the Self.”

Suffering is not necessarily a sign of disease, but rather the lack of hope and meaning which stems from existential frustration and vacuum. Psychosynthesis recognizes that every human possesses the drive to evolve and become what she/he is meant to be.

Learning to listen to the process of evolution towards self-discovery allows for true identity and life purpose.

Together, we will explore who you are for your life-long project towards complete health and balance.

With an empathic, non-judgmental approach, we will explore the emotional triggers and unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck. You will be guided to contact your dormant, deeper powers behind ineffective life patterns.

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