The Science behind

The main tools that I use in my transformative work are:

Psychosynthesis is an inclusive approach to human growth pioneered by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. He describes Psychosynthesis as a natural process of evolution. My goal is to facilitate this process in order for each client to identify his or her own center of awareness.

Transpersonal Coaching is the art and science of opening people beyond their personality to explore their spiritual self. In concordance with meditation, transpersonal coaching provides an educational experience for clients to discover their inner peace, wisdom, and purpose that is often overlooked. This represents a new humanist alternative to traditional healthcare approaches.

Meditation is a tool used to face one’s fears, anxieties, and general lack of direction and meaning. Mindfulness meditation is now a primary treatment method in medical centers and hospitals. I adopt a wide range of meditation techniques to help my clients discover inner-resources to find true meaning in their lives.

Women Circles is an ancient tribal practice, revitalized for our times, where women get together in sisterhood to grow and share