I am so grateful to Elisabetta for guiding me into my journey towards Mindfulness. I started with a group meditation. At that time, I was very stressed and confused in my life. Those meditations were so relaxing- it was amazing. Then, I went on with individual sessions because I was convinced I could go further on finding my inner-self with Elisabetta. She is a great coach too, and through her understanding of our wholeness, she can find the meditation adapted to your special need when you arrive for your session. She masters so many tools in the field of meditation and in psychology. Going through the last sessions, I am more connected with my inner self and on my way to get rid of what no longer serves me and find out who really I am. This is made possible through the teaching of being fully present through conscious breathing. It seems so easy to say now! Thanks Elisabetta for your kind support and fully being here.

GH – Princeton, NJ

Approximately six months ago my life was a chaotic mess filled with confusion and anxiety. I was going through probably the most difficult period in my life. Being the caretaker for a husband with cancer, a mother with dementia and a daughter newly diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. My therapist who has known me for quite some time, suggested that I think about mindful meditation and he suggested I contact Elisabetta Maggi.

From the first moment Elisabetta and I spoke on the phone, I felt a connection to her. Her kindness, her words of wisdom and the guided meditation she walked me through on our first session impacted me in a very positive way. I felt that what she was teaching me or walking me through was helping me find clarity and at the same time change my perception of how I approached life. With Elisabetta’s help I found purpose. I felt the need and the desire to continue and she has helped me realize that what I was so desperately searching for was already right here in front of me, I just had to go inwards to find it. I know it sounds cliché, but I truly feel that I have been transformed by this experience. I am learning to accept and take care of myself, to love, honor, validate and embrace who I am.

I have had two breakthrough moments: the first was when I was able to put aside my resentment and liberate my inner child from the suffering endured and being able to turn the negative feelings into positive ones. I was able for the first time to love and find compassion for myself. I turned all my feelings of anger into positive energy. The second and very significant breakthrough came in the way of the realization that I have the power to transform myself. This understanding has helped me stay in the moment and achieve things that I never even thought to consider venturing in. Being mindful in mind and body has also helped me be mindful in eating, in my relationships with others and my overall life.

Elisabetta is an amazing human being who has these gifts that she is sharing with me and in the process is helping me find the path in my journey of self-discovery. She is a remarkable, wise, intelligent, sophisticated, passionate and gentle life coach who truly listens and genuinely wants to help you reach above and beyond. Elisabetta has been an important “force” in the transformation of my life. Courage, compassion, empathy and love are lessons I have learned from her.

I cannot thank her enough for her time and energy spent working on my particular situation and for helping me shift my perspective on so many levels.

I highly recommend Elisabetta for anyone who is questioning their existence and purpose on this planet.

Silvana F. – Manhasset, NY USA


I can only say ‘thank you’ to my coach Elisabetta for allowing me to discover mindfulness and meditation. Since starting our sessions, I can appreciate the little things of everyday life. Elisabetta has taught me how to appreciate the present moment, without projecting into the future. Thanks to her coaching, I can also better channel my emotions. My life has changed and I can better take care of myself. Some things have lost importance and I can take a step back, by putting things into perspective. I have learnt new skills, which allow me to be more free and choose how to react to difficulties.
I sincerely hope to continue “body scan” exercises and seated meditation, as they helped me tremendously . I feel transformed.
From the very first session, I felt more calm and serene, and have even gained self confidence. I truly recommend Elisabetta for her experience, intelligence, valuable advice and empowering energy that flows from her practice!!
B. R. – Princeton, NJ