Clinical Mediation and Imagery

“Consciousness creates your reality, we are our reality architects” ~ Shawn Achor

Clinical Meditation, mindfulness and Imagery are essential tools to awake the transpersonal/spiritual self.

Imagery is an ancient pragmatic extremely effective therapeutic tool. It gives you access to a variety of psychological and physiological changes. During the last two decades, experimental and clinical psychologists of varied persuasions have made imagery a subject of their inquiry and have produced a considerable body of literature documenting that images are indeed a powerful force.

The power of meditation varies from simple relaxation, to freedom from suffering all the way to complete liberation.

Some of the specific benefits of these practices are:

  • Awakening the dormant transpersonal qualities that are at the core of our nature
  • Cultivating inner calm
  • Overcoming toxic patterns and raising self-awareness
  • Overcoming thoughts and feelings of worry, fear, anxiety, stress and lack of direction
  • Generating new creative solutions and opportunities to design a life of purpose
  • Reducing suffering during life transitions
  • Activating the unlimited inner potential

Clinical meditation has now proven its effectiveness by scientific research and biofeedback, and has been adopted by the mainstream healthcare system.

Additionally, the proven effects of meditation are:

  • Connecting to ones feelings
  • Exploring the mind-body relationship
  • Expanding sense of self, putting aside fear and judgment
  • Reaching genuine happiness
  • Discovering inner resources that revolutionize everyday life
  • Awakening capacity for insight and wisdom
  • Transforming worldview from isolation and confusion to one of connection, clarity and compassion
  • Expanding perspective and deepening courage by cultivating awareness