Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal means “beyond the personal”.

Transpersonal coaching is the art and science of opening people to the innate transpersonal nature. This part of human nature contains peace, wisdom, purpose and connection. My approach is to guide my clients into awakening the transpersonal qualities.

We are not fully educated about this part of ourselves, and yet all the spiritual traditions in our world refer to these qualities as inborn in human beings.

Gradually, your identity expands beyond your personal biography and personality as you realize that peace, wisdom, purpose and oneness are in your nature.

While the focus of the sessions begin with the client, it also includes the family, the community, the culture, society, life itself and beyond.

The Act of Will, written in 1973 by Roberto Assagioli, father of the psychosynthesis, is a defining text of this coaching methodology.

Transpersonal coaching represents a new specialty in how to approach healthcare and other professions. Transpersonal work transcends from a long lineage of teachers across time and cultures, which awakened the deeper possibilities in human nature.

What is the transpersonal spiritual self? 

(From “Transpersonal Development”, Richard Schaub and Bonney Gulino Schaub)

Assaggiolis Map Of Human Nature 

Assaggioli formulated a map of our biological, social, and spiritual nature. This map was used in his psychotherapeutic work and Assagioli’s legacy honors the higher needs and possibilities of patients while also recognizing their very near fears. By doing that he and his legacy have been able to help hundreds of people.

  • YOUR BIOLOGICAL SELF is dominated by the need to survive. It wants you to look for dangers, and threats. It wants you to worry, to be suspicious. In other words, it wants you to control every aspect of life. As a result, it sends you “Fight or Flight” signals even about situations that are not dangerous.
  • YOUR SOCIAL SELF is dominated by the need to belong, to be approved of, and so it wants you to evaluate situations according to whether you are included or excluded. Like your biological self, it fights for survival. It is the survival of your self-image.
  • YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF is of an entirely different dimension because it is not concerned with survival. Your spiritual self is connected to creation itself. It knows that all things come and go as part of the natural cycle, and it is at peace with that obvious fact of life. As part of the connection to creation, your spiritual self is dominated by the need to take care of life, of creation, to fulfill your purpose, and your part while you are here on earth.

The most human manifestation of this caring for life is being loving. Your spiritual self wants you to fulfill the loving purpose, and so it tries to keep your attention on its truth and tries not to get lost in false purposes such as social accomplishments. It sends you a feeling of longing, of missing out when you are living too disconnected from your purpose and from your truth.